Mayari Marketing was founded in 2022 by two female entrepreneurs whose goal was to create a social media marketing company lightyears ahead of others in the industry. With a focus on creativity and values instead of followers, they’ve quickly gained traction with over thirteen brands entrusting them with their unique vision.

The Collective is a culmination of specialists who are ready to take your brand out of this world. Our team specializes in the skills necessary to take our clients’ brands to the next level. We pride ourselves on our creativity, which shines brightest when we work with our clients.

Meet Molly

Molly Yoeun has been making an astronomical difference in brands for over six years. She grew up in Southern California and attended Cal State Long Beach, where she was guided into the vast galaxy of social media marketing.

She co-founded Mayari Marketing in 2022 with the goal of helping grow small businesses. Mayari is the Filipino goddess of the moon and roughly translates into, “Getting Things Done.” This celestial attitude is what pushed her to begin taking small businesses through their next phase.

She’s currently Mayari Marketing’s creative director, who specializes in perfecting brands’ visions through hard work, attention to detail, and a dash of stardust.

When this whimsical lass isn’t working, she’s rocketing between her long list of hobbies which include rock climbing, yoga, pole fitness, roller blading, and eating far too many vegan desserts.

We empower our clients and are committed to our diverse list of brands. While other companies limit the teams they work with, we believe our differences should be celebrated. This is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to growing our team with unique individuals and why we don’t close the doors on divergent brands who are breaking the mold.

Meet Jenna

Jenna Streety has been an influencer for over a decade, having amassed a following through captivating YouTube videos focused on storytelling.

Her own story began in sunny California, where she was raised by a family of fellow creatives. From a young age, she learned the importance of the creative spirit and strived to share her vision with the galaxy.

In 2022, she co-founded Mayari Marketing with the goal of eclipsing the social media marketing scene with a company lightyears ahead of others in the industry. Instead of focusing on followers, she centered her endeavors on values. Creativity, Love, and Community.  

She’s currently Mayari Marketing’s social media designer and events coordinator, who specializes in copy that helps companies tell their own stories. 

Once in a blue moon, she completes another novel that takes place somewhere out there in the stars and spends her free moments with her fiancé and German Shepard.

We offer marketing solutions for female business owners to make their unique vision for their brands shine. Unlike other marketing services, we strive to deliver unique, creative solutions that showcase each of our brands’ unique stories.

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